For whom is Wisdom Machine?

Wisdom Machine has a broad range of applications

  • Publishers: Are you looking for new and innovative ways to use existing content in digital media? Wisdom Machine gives you an opportunity to monetize existing content and digital media rights. In addition, you add value for your authors by preparing content for mobile usage on smartphones right from the outset.


  • Authors: Are you an author writing about spirituality, religion, self-help, or personal development? Use Wisdom Machine to provide your readers with a tool to follow-up on your content and to deepen the messages you provide.


  • Coaches and coaching firms: Do you want to give your seminar clients a tool to practice and implement what they learned in your seminars after a seminar has been completed, or in between seminar sessions? Make sure what you teach „sticks“ by supporting the change process with Wisdom Machine.


  • Public speakers: Are you a well-known speaker with an existing group of followers? You are already using all kinds of channels such as social media, newsletters, e-books or even podcasts to reach your audience? But your own app has been out of reach due to costs and complexity to have it designed and programmed? Use Wisdom Machine to publish your content under your own brand at a fraction of the cost of what it can cost you to get your own app. 


  • Health management organizations and physicians: Are you a physician or psychologist and you want to support your patients in a personal change process, e.g. overcoming addiction? Use Wisdom Machine to help your patients stay on course and achieve the personal change they desire.