Our philosophy and values at Wisdom Machine

  • Lasting change: It is fairly easy to read a book or to go to seminar about a topic that you care about. To achieve lasting change is another challenge. At Wisdom Machine we support people achieving lasting change.
  • Using mobile technology: The rise of smartphones is a revolution only comparable to industrialization and the rise of computing: everybody is always and everywhere connected. Smartphones change the way people consume media and open up new ways of reaching people. At Wisdom Machine we use mobile technology to help people achieve their goals.
  • Open mind: We don’t claim to know what is right for people when it comes to their spiritual, religious, or personal development. We therefore work with a broad range of publishers including a multitude of religions, beliefs, or methods.
  • Quality content: We select our publishers. We offer Wisdom Machine only to publishers who are passionate and deeply knowledgeable about what they teach and publish.
  • Doing good:  We aspire to make the world a better place through what we do. At Wisdom Machine we think beyond just business.